Advise me - is online service which allows individuals to receive legal advisory and support in Ukraine regarding individual's taxation, official documents' legalization, liaise with government, municipal and other official bodies, courts. We also help in filling of forms, drafting of official inquiries, documentation, requests, contracts, etc. in Ukrainian language as well as in submitting them to official and government bodies and partners in Ukraine.

We communicate and services can be provided in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages.

About us

Site is created for the purpose of:

  • on-line legal advisory services provision;
  • documents' formalization for legal and natural persons;
  • drafting of the agreements, contracts, transactions' supporting.

For the procuring of high quality, individual treatment to the customer and also for the timely execution of the requests, services will be provided by the contractor itself as well as by its partners (subcontractors).

List of the services mentioned on the site is not exhaustive - we provide the other services, not mentioned on the list.

For the direction of the request please fill in fields .in the feedback form with contacts' mentioning for the correspondence. Upon matching of the request details within the e-mail correspondence customer and contractor shall agree expected result , cost and terms of the services provision. Upon reaching of understanding re mentioned issued, customer shall accept terms of the engagement and contractor starts to execute the request.

Contact us

For request direction please fill in all fields of the feedback form, listed below and we shall contact you at our soonest. Thanks for the request!